about Sinuta FCE


Tools design and production

At SINUTA FCE, we have the best conditions to develop our clients’ tools. We offer a turnkey service, tailor-made, for any part of the world. We have the best systems and programmes for product development and project support, as well as cutting-edge machining equipment.
We have a dedicated team with consolidated experience in the design and manufacture of tooling and the use of the latest programmes, equipment and production processes to develop bespoke projects with our customers: dies and cutting tools, transfer tools, progressive tools and stamping dies.
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Sheet metal forming simulation

At Sinuta FCE we use the STAMPACK programme for sheet metal forming simulation.
Stampack offers fast, user-friendly and affordable solutions to virtually try out sheet metal forming processes. Using Stampack enables us to optimise part production and significantly reduce time-to-market.
Simulation with STAMPACK reveals material failure, wrinkling and surface defects, improves the method, sets the process parameters and guarantees dimensional accuracy.

Metal parts production

Sinuta FCE not only designs and manufactures tools, but also has its own capacity to produce your metal parts.
Our facilities are equipped with hydraulic and mechanical presses with capacities ranging from 75 to 500 ton.
The company is certified to the NP EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.
So if your press is broken or your company is working at full capacity and you need a partner for the production of your metal parts, you can count on us.

Metrology center 

To meet our customers’ requirements for dimensional control of parts, we have a three-dimensional metrology centre in our facilities where we check all parts of the tool as well as the final product.
The metrology centre is also available as an external service that can be purchased by our customers to check the dimensions and specifications of their metal parts. Metrology accompanies our manufacturing process every day!