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Project | Research & Development of tooling and stamping solutions

With strong computer support, we design the execution of any type of tool and develop all studies / measurements in order to guarantee total reliability to its operation.

Progressive Tools

Tools whose sheet band is fed through a coil, advancing into the tool where it is transformed over several stations. At these stations, the part is subject to cuts, stamping and other operations that may exist (calibration, threading, drilling, among others), until the moment of the final separation of the part.

Ferramenta progressiva

Ferramenta transfer

Transfer Tool

Several tools used and grouped in a single common base, where the parts are transferred from position to position, by a bar or set of bars, called transfer bars.

Cutting and Stamping Tools

Tools where the plate format is fed by the press or robot operator. With each descent of the press, only one operation is performed on the part. In the same tool structure, several cutting or stamping operations can be placed, in order to make the investment more profitable and reduce the tool setup.

ferramenta de corte

Preventive and Corrective Maintenance of Tools

We carry out maintenance on any type of tool, producing the first parts in our facilities and assist in the assembly of the tool in the customer’s press, after our intervention.


Wire Machining and Erosion Subcontract

We provide Machining and Wire Erosion Services according to the client’s needs.