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Quality measurement and verification

Measuring and verifying dimensional quality is a fundamental complement to manufacturing processes in general and, in the case of SINUTA FCE, a mandatory requirement in the manufacturing process of a stamping tool.

Starting with the manufacture of the tool itself and final dimensional control.

Then, once the first part (prototype) is manufactured, comes the moment we must know the project in greater detail and any corrections to be made.

Once the prototype is approved and the project is finalised, it is good practice to produce a pre-series of parts to assess the variability of the process, which requires exhaustive and precise dimensional control.

Finally, in series production, it is essential to comply with a dimensional control plan by sampling, This can be done either by measuring the parts directly or by evaluating them using inspection gauges (which, in turn, must be controlled on a regular basis regarding their size).

The SINUTA FCE 3D Metrology Centre

As a natural addition to our production equipment, we have a 3D Metrology Centre, which integrates the 3D measuring equipment. This equipment is necessary for size quality control of both dies and tools, matrices and gauges, as well as prototypes and samples of the final product.


In addition to various other measuring and control instruments, the Sinuta FCE Metrology Centre is equipped with:

  • Ares NT 10-7-7 Three-Dimensional Measuring Machine
  • Romer Absolut Arm RA-7320SI-2 3D measuring arm.

This laboratory can also work as an outsourced service for customers to use for size control of a wide variety of parts.

The use of 3D metrology is not only crucial for ensuring compliance with specifications and quality control of high-precision parts, but it is also an indispensable support in reverse engineering operations, rapid prototyping, etc.

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