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Manufacture of Stamping Tools

From Design to Manufacture or Maintenance of your Stamping Tools

Our recognised ability and experience in the design and manufacture of dies, cutters and simple, composite, multiple, progressive or transfer stamping tools gives us a 360º view of this technology.

This experience allows us to be effective in analysing customers’ requirements, and proactive in identifying and suggesting potential improvements.

Designing the tool: Turning Concepts into Reality

We work closely with the customer to understand the specific requirements of the project to design the most suitable and complete stamping tool, identifying ways to reduce subsequent machining operations wherever possible. This way, we can optimise the stamping operation and reduce the overall production costs of the part.

Manufacturing with Precision: Ensuring Quality

Once the design is finished, we proceed to the manufacturing of the stamping tools. To do this, we have highly precise and versatile equipment (such as wire EDM or CNC machining centres), which guarantees the necessary quality to achieve the desired results.

To ensure the durability and reliability of our tools, we work with steels recognised as resistant to impact and wear.

Types of stamping tools we produce:


perform a single operation per press


perform various press operations, without part advance


perform several operations per press, with the part advancing in a band, each step corresponding to an additional operation.


produce several parts simultaneously with a single press


The parts are advanced through the various tool steps automatically by the “Transfer System”.

Excellence Maintenance: Preserving the Investment in Tools

We know that a stamping tool is an asset for the customer, not only because of its purchase cost, but above all because of its ability to produce large series of more or less complex parts over a long period of time. But, as with any product, proper maintenance of the tool, in terms of timeliness and quality, is pivotal to ensure its durability and reliability.

That’s why, besides manufacturing stamping tools, Sinuta FCE also provides a maintenance service aimed at extending their useful life and performance.

Our team of specialised technicians is ready to propose and carry out a regular inspection and preventive maintenance plan for your stamping tools to identify and resolve potential problems before your production is affected.

A proper preventive maintenance plan minimises downtime and repair costs.

SINUTA FCE: Quality and technology, backed by an experienced and competent team, at the service of industry.

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