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Laser Cutting

Speed, Versatility and Precision

Laser cutting is a thermal separation process that uses concentrated beams of light at a specific point to cut, engrave or mark materials with great precision.

The area of material hit by the laser beam melts and vaporises under the effect of the transmitted heat. Like any CNC machine, the path of the laser beam along the material to be cut is defined by a computer programme. This way it is possible to cut relatively complex profiles, always with maximum precision and speed.

This technology offers very significant advantages over mechanical cutting operations:

  • Very high precision of operation, with tolerances normally between 0.003 mm and 0.006 mm.
  • As there is no cutting tool in contact with the surface to be cut, and therefore no friction between two surfaces, the finish of the cut surface is excellent.
  • Since the laser beam does not wear out during operation, the precision obtained is constant along the cutting surface.
  • Optimization of raw material, as waste is significantly lower.
  • Simpler to set up and operate, as there is no need to use different cutting tools.

Our laser cutting capacity

Maximum cutting dimensions: 3000 mmx1500 mm, for thickness up to 10 mm

State-of-the-art CNC equipment with integrated design software.

Capable of cutting a very wide range of materials, including ferrous metals (including stainless steel) and non-ferrous metals (including aluminium), acrylic and other plastics, wood, ceramics and others.

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