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Sinuta FCE

Part of the SINUTA Group, one of the world’s largest producers of satellite dishes and, for that reason, a significant user of precision stamped parts, SINUTA FCE was created almost 30 years ago to meet the Group’s needs in terms of the design and maintenance of stamping and cutting tools. This acquired experience and know-how led to the launch of our capacity on the market, both in terms of the conception, design and manufacture of dies and cutters and in the series production of stamped parts of a wide range of types and dimensions.

We stand out for our critical capacity. We seek to understand the importance of every detail of the parts in their performance in the final product and, whenever possible, we suggest improvements in the design of the tools that make it possible to optimise operations and reduce production costs.

With this positioning, we already have several customers in various sectors of the industry, not only in Portugal but also in various EU countries, especially Spain, France and Germany.

Our geographical location in Estarreja, in the centre-north of Portugal, at the intersection of the important Lisbon-Porto and Aveiro-Madrid roads and very close to the seaports of Aveiro and Leixões, is an added advantage in terms of logistics, with easy access to transport services to any part of the country and the world.


Provide competitive solutions in the fields of metal stamping, cutting and precision machining.


SINUTA FCE is an international benchmark in the design and manufacture of metal stamping tools and parts.


Competence, Commitment, Quality, Honesty, Transparency, Team Spirit.