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Serial production of Stamped metal parts

SINUTA FCE’s almost 30 years of experience in this field, and its extensive set of mechanical and hydraulic presses with capacities ranging from 75 to 650 tonnes, enable the company to guarantee availability, quality, and versatility in the production of virtually any type and size of part, using any type of metal alloy and in small or very large series.

We are also prepared to offer customers the possibility of replacing, with stamping, some mechanical milling operations, thus helping to simplify and reduce production costs.

Design and Manufacture of Stamping Dies

One of Sinuta FCE’s main attributes is its ability to design and manufacture high-precision stamping dies in-house.

This is a highly relevant aspect as it allows us to maintain strict control over the quality of the tool, its effectiveness and its time of manufacture. It also allows us to ensure that each stamped part that we make is an exact match of the design.

Efficient and Scalable Production

Regardless of the size of the customer’s project, we can provide efficient and series production on a large scale.

Our high production capacity is an additional guarantee in terms of the strict fulfilment of delivery deadlines.

Reverse Engineering: Simplification taken to the limit

The Reverse Engineering process allows us to quickly come up with concrete solutions to apparently complex problems.

Our technical expertise, and the means at our disposal, enable us to “deconstruct” any part to identify the appropriate steps for its production.

Thus, after analysing the original model, we can identify its production stages, design and draw the corresponding tools, and manufacture a prototype. Once approved, this prototype will lead to production at Sinuta FCE or at the customer’s premises. This methodology also allows the identification and development of potential improvements in design, efficiency and durability.

Our Commitment to Your Success

The customer’s success is, of course, the measure of our own success. It is therefore in our customer’s best interest to put us to the test and make a precise assessment of our competence, quality and availability.

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