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Reverse Engineering: Redoing the Project from a Model

Any part produced by stamping can be replicated from a model using the Reverse Engineering technique.

The experience and resources of our technical team allow us to use a sample of the required part to design the corresponding stamping tool (or tools) and replicate that part with utmost reliability, and in the intended quality and quantity.

This approach becomes necessary when there is no adequate or up-to-date technical documentation or when you want to improve the design and/or performance of an existing product.

The reverse engineering of a stamped part often yields considerable benefits in terms of simplifying it or improving the efficiency of its production process.

Reverse engineering based on a model: A detailed process

The technique or Reverse Engineering that we propose to the customer begins with the visual and dimensional analysis of the model of the part to be replicated. At this stage, it is essential to fully understand the customer’s requirements regarding the intended part. This is particularly important in terms of its functionality in the product/system in which it is integrated and its interaction with any other parts or components, as well as other specifications it must fulfil, such as the raw materials to be used and any design aspects.

Based on the information gathered, we can carry out a value analysis, seeking to objectively identify the mandatory characteristics of the part to be reproduced. This way we can eliminate, where possible, any aspects that prove to be somewhat superfluous. This analysis, carried out in constant contact with the customer, can lead to significant reductions in the production cost of the part.

From this point onwards, we go through the normal process of designing and manufacturing the stamping tool(s): production and approval of a prototype, production and approval of a pre-series of parts, until we are able to do the series production of the intended part at Sinuta FCE or at the customer’s premises.

Of course, this entire optimization process can be protected by confidentiality agreements between the customer and Sinuta FCE, in order to protect the interests of the customer.

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