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Efficiency and rigour

Machine tools have played a very important role in industrial production for many years. CNC (computer numerical control) machining centres originated from the great technological development associated with cutting tools and the machines themselves, as well as from the integration of advanced computer systems in their control and in their communication and articulation with upstream and downstream processes and operations.

A CNC machining centre is therefore a very versatile, extremely precise and efficient machine tool that can carry out various mechanical roughing, grinding and cutting operations on complex profiles, in various types of material, in a single operation.

In addition, the high precision of this type of equipment means that material waste can be reduced, and energy costs can be optimised.

Our CNC machining capability

SINUTA FCE has several 5-axis CNC machining centres, which allows us to guarantee maximum flexibility, precision, and speed in performing the most delicate operations on very complex profiles.

These pieces of equipment have great capacity and can machine parts up to 3000x1550x800 mm with high precision. They are usually used internally in the manufacture of dies and tools for metal stamping. However, they can be made available to produce any type of part to a customer, through outsourcing.

SINUTA FCE: Quality and technology, backed by an experienced and competent team, at the service of industry.

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