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Electrostatic painting

Protection, Aesthetics, and Sustainability

Due to corrosion or wear protection and/or aesthetic aspects, metal parts often need electrostatic painting, which is a surface coating process with a film of a coloured thermo-hardened polymer.

This process, consisting of spraying a polymer powder with negative electrical charge on the surface to be painted, which has a positive charge. The process has considerable advantages, namely:

  • Complete and uniform adhesion of the paint to the surface, even in areas of difficult access.
  • Once applied to the part, the polymer (an epoxy-type resin) is cured at a relatively high temperature, which causes a chemical reaction between its components. This process forms strong bonds and transforms the paint into a layer that is solid, mechanically and chemically resistant and durable.
  • This method of painting contributes to the environmental and economic sustainability of the operation, not only because it does not cause the emission of solvents into the atmosphere, but also because it is more efficient in terms of consumption and produces less waste when compared to more conventional painting processes.
  • Finally, there is a very wide range of colours and shades for electrostatic painting, which allows this coating process to be used in the most varied industries and application

The line of Electrostatic Painting at SINUTA FCE

SINUTA FCE has a very high-capacity paint line available to provide service to customers.

This line allows painting large series of metal parts with sizes up to 1600 mm x 1600 mm x 300 mm.

SINUTA FCE: Quality and technology, backed by an experienced and competent team, at the service of industry.

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